Any time is perfect to have a snack, drink a glass of wine or try our tapas.   Whenever is the time of your visit, in Esplore we will always have prepared for you the best of our specialties. 


 Patties Esplore

2 € /unit

 Torreznos (marinated, dried and fried pork belly strips)
with potatoes and padrón peppers

6 €

 Russian potato salad

8 €

 Andalussian fried eggplants with a touch of honey

9 €

 Creamy croquettes of Azuaga Iberian Ham

8 €

Callos (stew with beef tripe, hooves, snouts, chorizo and black pudding).

8 €

Champignon with jamón

9 €

Pork lean meat with tomatoes

6 €

Fried anchovy

6 €

Courgette raviolis

1,5 € /unidad



 Bottled water

Spanish brand/Craft

 Soft drinks

 Tap vermouth


 Mixed drink (Spanish brand)

Varied Denominations

 Mixed drink (International brand)

If you want to have lunch or dinner, here you can see the rest of our specialties.