Esplore aspires to be a place of re-discovery of Spanish cuisine where you can enjoy the best of our land.

Authentic Iberian pork meats from Extremadura, anchovies from Santoña, patés from la Mancha, artisan cheeses or Galician preserves. Everything has been carefully selected among hundreds of local producers.

If you add to this the art of our kitchen, the presentation of our plates and an outstanding wine list, the result is a unique culinary experience that we want to share with you.

We offer a sincere and traditional cuisine, where the raw material is the most important thing, without leaving aside innovation and  creativity.

Discover a place to disconnect and to enjoy the most authentic flavors, inside our walls or at your own home. Because we are much more than a restaurant. We want you to enjoy Esplore, its kitchen and its products with us or where  you want and with whom you want, because you can take home a great selection of our products.

Any time is good to enjoy ESPLORE, alone, as a couple or in a group of family or friends. Enter and discover our great products from Spain.

A country to taste!

ESPLORE is a restaurant-bar-shop where you can buy or taste products brought from various corners of our country. A people-oriented project born from the passion for the authentic.

That is why we travel Spain to bring you the best of each region and prepare it for you in our kitchens in a traditional way, so that you can discover the most original flavors. A strict control of origin and a careful treatment of the raw material guarantee the superior taste and high quality of our products and plates.

Upon entering ESPLORE you will immediately feel at home, knowing that our recommendations are reliable. Should you not stay longer to try our menu, you can always take our products home and enjoy them sharing with whoever you want,  success is assured.

ESPLORE is a place for everyone and we want to share it with you. We have a great desire to try, to give, and to share.

We belong to ILUNION, a group of companies that maintain the balance between their social and economic values, and are committed to creating quality employment for people with disabilities.